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Micro Matic SA commit to “Safe-Drum” initiative in KZN

Visiting vice president industrial services Bryan Gran of Micro Matic USA announced during his presentation to delegates at the recent RCMASA hosted International Transport & Environmental Conference held in KZN that Micro Matic will support the “Safe-Drum” initiative by contributing R10 to the campaign for every Micro Matic CLD valve sold by their South African subsidiary.

“This is such an impressive grass-roots initiative which holds out real benefits to all concerned that we are privileged to be able to contribute in this way” Gran said after the conference when asked what prompted the announcement. “We decided to link our contribution to the sale of our closed-liquid-dispensing [CLD] container valves so that it would be ongoing and would increase as this concept is understood and taken up by the South African Market” he said.

The “Safe-Drum” initiative is a KZN programme aimed at removing contaminated drums from circulation in the informal sector and replacing them with ‘new’ drums instead. The programme relies on contributions from interested parties, industry and environmental support groups. Informal resellers of used drums are introduced into the scheme and receive education and training both about the necessity of eliminating the use of previously used containers due to their potentially hazardous nature and how to improve their business opportunities and performance.

“Our business is the promotion and introduction of advanced methods of liquid handling and dispensing with the objective of introducing cleaner more economical and safer ways to manage the distribution of hazardous and speciality liquids. We therefore find this dedicated approach to the opposite end of our market of enormous interest. We look forward in the coming years to being part of the effort to provide a cleaner safer future” commented Gran.

Miro Matic manufactures container valve and coupling systems for leak-free filling and dispensing that promotes refilling and offers benefits through speedier turn-around times, reduced cleaning costs, maintenance of product integrity and safe handling. Complete packaging and dispensing solutions are part of their product mix which can include RFID tracking, tamper evident seals, pumps and flow meters.


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