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Micro Matic “Closed Liquid Dispensing” [CLD] systems provide container valves and couplers that cater for the needs of suppliers and users of hazardous and speciality chemicals.
Closed Liquid Dispensing [CLD] systems provide safe and secure handling and management of containers and promote the concept of round-trip refilling for suitable containers with resultant improved economics.

The Micro Matic Closed Liquid Dispensing [CLD] systems secure container content from contamination and prevent cross-contamination in application.
Closed containers maintain the integrity of the product and eliminate the need for rinsing, reduce the recycle cost through reduced test requirements and external cleaning only.

Tamper proof and tamper evident caps are fitted for added security. Once the container is fitted with a drum valve it remains sealed at all times. The product and drum integrity is maintained and once emptied the container is returned in a sealed state for pressure testing, external cleaning and refilling with the same product. Couplings are dry-disconnect and may be serial numbered for identification or fitted with key-ways preventing incorrect connections.

RFID tracking may also be employed if this level of traceability is considered an advantage for refilling.

Various dispensing arrangements are available that cater for vapour recovery and rinsing of couplings.

Economic Plastic Valves, Closed Liquid Transfer Plastic Valve, HDPE Plastic Valves, Plastic Check Valves, Plastic Solenoid Valves, Micro Matic Plastic Valves, Plastic Container Valve, Plastic Control Valve
Economic Plastic Valve
A disposable, Closed liquid dispensing [CLD] system for commodity chemicals packaging. »»

Drum Valves
a general purpose closed liquid valve system for refillable plastic or mild steel drums. »»

Drum Valves, Drum Valve System, Closed Liquid Transfer Valve System, Chemical Dispensing System Drum Valve

Closed Liquid Valve System, Macro Valve, Macro Valve System (MAV), Closed Loop Keyed System, Closed Liquid Transfer Valve System, Chemical Check Valve, Chemical Valves
Macro Valves
a closed liquid valve system for heavy duty stainless steel refillable drums. »»

Automotive-SCR [Selective Catalytic Reduction]
SCR technology is designed to meet the requirements of commercial vehicle exhaust emission regulations. »»

Drum Valves, Drum Valve System, Closed Liquid Transfer Valve System, Chemical Dispensing System Drum Valve

Closed Chemical System, Closed Chemical Transfer, Chemical Top Dispensing, Closed Sealed Secure, Pure Urea, IBC, Adblue, Adblue Dispensing Equipment, Air1, Yara,Def, Diesel Emission Fluid
Closed Chemical Systems
Closed, Sealed & Secure Closed Chemical Systems designed to maintain consistent product purity, ensure packaging integrity and maximize operational efficiencies. »»

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