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The transportation and handling of containers for hazardous and specialised materials has just received a shot in the arm as far as cost reduction is concerned through the introduction of CLD systems by Micro Matic South Africa. This closed-liquid-dispensing system is widely used overseas for the handling and refilling of containers, drums and IBC which are utilized for the transportation and handling of expensive, hazardous and specialty liquids for many industries from agriculture and industry to food preparation. The Mico Matic drum valve and coupler system now available to the Southern African container market enables containers to be refilled without the need for internal flushing and rinsing thus avoiding the need for nominally empty certificates before transportation when refilled with the same liquid.

Obvious benefits include improved handling safety, elimination of cross contamination and open containers, reduction in waste and spillage and improved waste disposal volumes due to external cleaning only as well as quicker turn around times. This robust valve and coupler system ensures that the drum is sealed at all times through its dry-disconnect principle and as the valve and suction lance remain permanently fitted to the drum even before the initial filling the container is permanently sealed at all times. Vapor recovery and equipment flushing fittings as well as tamper evident caps and RFID tracking are some of the additional features, if required.

USA vice president Bryan Gran is due to visit in March and is confident that the Micro Matic CLD will become an industry standard in Southern Africa due to the overall positive impact its adoption will have on container logistics.

Micro Matic SA is an industrial service sales and distribution subsidiary of Micro Matic USA a leading producer of liquid transfer valve systems. The South African company’s warehouse and offices is based in Cape Towns North Gate complex.


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