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MicroMatic Drum Valve Manual (3.5 MB)

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Micro Matic Industrial develops technologies to protect the worker and foster a cleaner and safer environment!

Micro Matic offers a proprietary range of valve systems that are industry driven designs to meet specific market needs.

For example, with over one-million units in service in the Agro Chemical Industry Micro Matic has helped standardize delivery systems throughout the world.

Designed to reduce worker exposure and protect the environment, Micro Matic Industrial valve systems have been adopted by Specialty Chemical producers to ensure the safe transport and extraction of
highly hazardous Group III chemicals.

Safe storage and transfer of hazardous chemicals

Micro Matic SA brings you a wide range of safe, cost effective solutions for storing, transferring and dispensing hazardous chemicals through a leak-proof, closed system.

Hydrazine dosing system

Micro Matic SA’s product offer includes:

  • Micro Matic closed liquid transfer systems for plastic, steel and stainless drums and IBCs. They include stainless steel valves and couplers equipped with self venting and vapour recovery connections.
  • Stainless steel containers from 10 - 1000 litres with U.N. certification.
  • P.U. coated stainless steel containers from 10 - 50 litres with U.N. certification

Micro Matic SA packaging systems are used with a wide range of hazardous and toxic chemicals such as:

  • High purity solvents: methanol, ethanol, acetone, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, xylene, toluene, etc.
  • Chlorinated solvents: trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, methylene chloride.
  • Specialty chemicals: hydrazine, vinylidene chloride, methyl iodide, TDI, pentanes, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, benzyl chloride, aromatic amines, isopropyl alcohol etc.
  • Cleaning solutions: caustic soda, peracetic acid, phosphoric acid etc.
  • Agro-chemicals: pesticides, seed-treatment chemicals

Key benefits

  • Enhanced safety in chemical transfer
  • Prevention of exposure to toxic and hazardous chemicals
  • Leak-proof, no spillage
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Insert gas or pump dispense
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Robust and reusable for many years

User references

Micro Matic safe packaging and dispense systems are used by market leading chemical companies such as:

  • BASF
  • Bayer and Bayer-Lanxess
  • Dow Chemicals Europe—Safechem
  • Sigma Aldrich
  • Fischer Scientific
  • Rohm & Haas
  • Ciba Speciality chemicals
  • Solvay
  • Kemira / Tennants
  • Lansdowne chemicals
  • Degussal

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